How to Play Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games invented. It has long stood the test of time and is now accessible 24/7 through the best online casino Canada sites. Here we introduce you to the world of blackjack, teaching you how to play, access free games, list the advantages of playing and share some tips on how to win and lots more.

Introducing Blackjack

Blackjack is considered to be one of the easiest card games within the casino’s list of games. It can be enjoyed as a single or multiplayer game and in the realms of online entertainment, the experience of this feature can be enjoyed all day and all night from inside the best casinos online.

There are many different forms of blackjack, the game comes with many variants allowing players to win through a mix of rules, yet oddly the basics of the game still apply throughout all variants.

We will be focusing on the basic blackjack game that will be recognised by all players. Learning the rules of this will enable you to play many other variants that exist, games like Atlantic City Blackjack, American Blackjack, Vegas Strip Blackjack, and Perfect Pairs Blackjack.

Rules of Blackjack

The blackjack game is a card game, playable with one or more deck of cards. The game begins with the dealer handing two cards to the player and for themselves. When the deal has the cards, one will be face up, the other hidden face down.

The goal or target is to reach a total of 21 or as close to 21 with the cards you are dealt, go over and you go bust and lose. The value of the cards are their retained face value, so 6 is a value of 6 and 9 is a value of 9. With the cards 10, jack, queen, and king, these are of a value of 10, with ace either being 1 or an 11 value.

Your attempts to reach a score of 21 are not limited to just two cards. Players can make moves to play with more in an attempt to boost their total value.

How to Play Online Blackjack

The game begins with you (the player) placing a wager first that you will win.

The cards are then dealt.

If you immediately land a total of 21, then you win. If your total is far lower and requires additional cards, then you can make the following moves.

Hit: Asking for the dealer to deal another card, you can continue to ask for more if one is not enough.

Double Down: Requesting one additional cost at a price that doubles your bet.

Split: If you have two matching card values, you can split the pair and play with two hands. You can then hit on each new pair to effectively play two hands against the dealer’s single hand.

Alternative actions are Surrender when you withdraw from the game, losing half of your wager as compensation, or to Stand and not receive any additional cards and chance a win with what you hold.

Tip: To begin playing, it is advised to practice on free blackjack demo games.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing Blackjack

Gambling online is a pastime that comes with risks. As with all games in this field of entertainment, there are advantages to playing but also disadvantages. Whether it’s how the game is programmed or whether the odds are too great. Here we share with you the pros and cons of playing online blackjack to further illuminate the card game.

Advantages Disadvantages
✅ You have the online convenience of play meaning you can play from home and you can access blackjack from any device linked to the Internet. ❌ If you should win, you will have to wait for cash to transfer into your bank account, whereas inside of land-based casinos, payment is instant.
✅ Make use of the online competition between casinos and cash-in on the exclusive bonuses that are offered to newly registered players. ❌ All bonuses come with terms and conditions, some of which that are not beneficial to players at all.
✅ The rules of playing online are far better than in land based casinos. ❌ You might get caught out by certain variants having slightly different rules to the original basic game of blackjack.
✅ Any issues with the game and faults, you have 24/7 customer support to assist you. ❌ Any faults where winnings are involved, games can be voided and players will have to accept the game’s technical error will stop them from keeping the winnings.
✅ Playing online gives you more choice of gameplay and freedom. ❌ Playing online loses the atmosphere of a real casino.
✅ Blackjack has the best house-edge of any casino game, with a 0.5% score making the game almost 50/50 in the chance of winning. ❌ Gambling in any sense and form can be addictive and leads players into debt.

Tips and Tricks

Does card counting work? Is there a secret technique to help you win? Well, there is nothing definitive that will guarantee you success. There are many lessons to be learnt about the manipulation of the game. Sites like teach about card counting, though it is not a viable solution when playing online. The site offers video lessons, training, master skill, community gaming and much more.

There is no greater tip than practice. Take the time to study the game but importantly, how the games are programmed. Nothing is perfect online, and you may be able to recognise flaws or patterns in how digital games function. Often is the case with slot machines, that they give away signs they are due to payout. Blackjack is no different in how a slot is produced so will give the same indications if you look closely.

Live Dealer Blackjack Games

If you wish to stray away from a digital experience, you can opt to play something entirely different. Live dealer games are part of a streaming service that broadcasts live games in real-time that are played using real equipment.

The rules and how to play are still the same and you are also offered blackjack online variants to mix up the gaming experience.

Live blackjack games allow you to experience direct communication with the dealer, you can also enjoy multi-player tables.

Often you will come across blackjack casino bonuses aimed at the games in this live format. Prior to use, you must read the terms and conditions to understand how rewards are to be used correctly.

A Summary of Playing Online Blackjack

Blackjack is a very safe game to play. It holds the best house edge of any casino game, with almost a perfect 50/50 chance of winning. This adds to the game’s popularity and success when going online and having to compete with many other games.

It is simple to learn and the development of player’s understanding is fast. Your gaming experience can range across many variations, so your enjoyment doesn’t become stale.

Every online casino offers blackjack, so if you wish to pursue an interest, you can head to the homepage and find blackjack online within any of the top three sites listed.